Ground Rules – What won’t you read here?

So, in case you’re wondering:  Here’s what you WON’T find.  Some will find my sex fantasies very tame.  Others might like the fact that I’m NOT a freak, just an aficionado.  Perhaps the “tame” approach will make you feel safe and respected.

1.  I’ve never had anal sex and have no interest in it.  OK, a LITTLE bit of ass play on my end is o.k., but only after a shower and some lube and with someone who has some reasonable hope of finding my prostate.  Lacking that, the perineum and such are so sensitive (and neglected) that touching there at the right time will send me right over the edge.

2.  I don’t get off watching women do it together or solo.  No hang ups about it; just doesn’t do anything for me.  Now, two women on ME — THAT’S another matter.  And, if you’d like to masturbate with me inside you, that’s just fine!

3.  I got no plans with a man.  I MIGHT consider having one around for a three way with a woman, but not sure what man I would trust in that situation.  But it would be an interesting gift to share with a woman.

4.  Spanking in moderate amounts, but only if it gets my partner off. 

5.  No violence.  No choking, so slapping and no talk disrespectful to women (or men, for that matter).

6.  Consenting adults only.  Rape fantasy o.k., but clearly a FANTASY and only with everyone’s buy-in.

7. Nobody does anything they don’t want to.


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